Ivan Bozhilov Helps with „Vital“ Energy in Severe Cases


From 2000 to 2004, 10 Bulgarian healers together with colleagues from another 19 countries participate in a EUHEALS research project with patients from Western Europe. The project is headed by Dr. Harald Wiesendanger, Germany. The Bulgarian participants are Tanya Metodieva, Valentina Tomova, Ekaterina Stoyanova, Liliana Belomelska, Verka Nikolova, Zhanina Georgieva, Rumyana Savova, Eng. Violeta Spirova, Rayko Vassilev and Radka Velikova. Patients have diseases associated with chronic fatigue or drug intoxication. And the important thing is that in most of the cases the clinical indicators are within normal limits. However people feel tired, apathetic and without too much will to live. The analyses of the project are made in medical clinics in Western Europe with leading medical consultant Dr. Harald Walach from the University of Freiburg, Germany.




Ivan Bozhilov Dr, Rila Monastery

Ivan Bozhilov is from the newer wave of Bulgarian healers. Yet reading the story of one of his patients, we inevitably return to the EUHEALS scientific project involving Bulgarian healers:

„There is no spiritual upliftment without suffering and pain. I want to tell you my story. My name is Angelina Zareva, 45 years old, from Sofia. On 31.01.2001 my thyroid gland was operated. Despite the advice of renowned healer Valentina Tomova (now deceased) not to undergo surgery. After the operation I felt very bad. I had very high blood pressure. Because of this I felt fear and stopped going out. Years passed, I started frequenting hospitals, undergoing tests, cardiograms, ultrasounds and all sorts of procedures. The conclusion of the doctors – healthy. I did not know what to do. My condition deteriorated. I decided to seek help from non-traditional medicine. I went to a woman who did the procedure of bullet pouring. When she saw me at the door, she told me: „Child, there is nothing wrong with you, you are healthy.“ And my condition became increasingly worse and worse. I saw no help whatsoever. I prayed every night, cryed and prayed, for years. My son was growing before my eyes, but I was his mother only as a physical presence. I do not remember important moments of his growing. Eight years passed. Until with God’s help I met Ivan Bozhilov. I knew him a year before he started to treat me, I knew about his abilities, but did not believe in anything anymore except God. When he started to do my procedures I was already unable to leave my house. I sat in the bedroom with the blood pressure apparatus and my pills. Ivan came to treat me forcefully. I could not believe that he will help me and I could not relax, I fidgeted and was restless. But with each procedure I felt better. For four months he made eight procedures. Gradually I began to leave the house. For eight years I had gone no further than the newspaper stand.

My dream in those years was to visit Krastova Gora. This seemed so distant and impossible for my situation. I felt noble envy for my friends who have come in contact with this sacred place. Sometimes God decides to fulfill our desires. On 10 of August 2009 I visited this piece of heaven. I also traveled to the Bachkovo monastery. On the next day, on the recommendation of Ivan, I also went to the Rila Monastery. For two days I traveled 600 km. I am grateful to God that I met Ivan Bozhilov. God always points the way and send us the people who change our lives. For me, this man is Ivan. With great reverence and gratitude.“

Stefka Petrova is 75 and has had a depression of many years. Her complaints were almost constant crying, vomiting, insomnia, phobia. Ivan tells how he helps this woman with “vital” energy. In depression is the „negative“ energy is withdrawn and „positive“ energy is given immediately. In this situation the energy in the brain is adjusted and the body status is corrected completely depending on the depth of depression. The number of procedures and their duration are specified depending on the condition of the person.


Peter Minev is 52 and has cirrhosis of the liver with ascitic decompensation. Since 2008 he has been in the waiting list for liver transplantation. The bio influence of Ivan began with the cleansing of the „negative“ energy. After the first procedure, the patient’s eyes were clarified and his memory was freshened. After the eighteenth procedure, the organism restored its basic body functions. Ivan began activation of the immune system, which lasted three months. Following these procedures, the amount of water that has gathered in the abdominal cavity for 20 days now gathered for two months. After continuation of the procedures Ivan restored the liver, which is already working at 70 percent. Currently Peter does not need drainage of collected liquid, he eats normally, has no liver complaints, feels well and has started doing some light work.

In monitoring the activities of Ivan Bozhilov one is left with a deep feeling that he has access to a true cosmic code, which is key to the “vital” energy. This synthesis of energy and spirituality „unlocks“ unsuspected forces in the body.
These forces restore man’s happiness and health.

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